Me From Myself, to Banish

by Direwolves

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Contact/Booking : direwolveshc[@]

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"Hailing from Lorient (western France), DIREWOLVES merge modern hardcore, crust and screamo on their debut EP "Me From Myself, To Banish". Recorded by producer/sound engineer Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle, these six songs find the perfect balance between emotion and heaviness, reminding of bands such as Alpinist, Lewd Acts or Killing The Dream. After a self-released demo last year, the Wolves confirm their huge potential - don't sleep on them!"

Next Shows :

Euro tour from the 28th of Mars to the 13th of April 2014 ! If you can help us with a show or you know someone who might, drop us an email : direwolveshc[@] !

Past Shows :

25.01.14 Nantes w/ Lasting Values, Stinky Bollocks @ Scène Michelet

EU Tour w/ Calvaiire
13.01.14 Paris w/ Cowards @ La miroiterie
14.01.14 Brussel (BE) @ DNA
15.01.14 Darmstadt (DE) @ Oetinger Villa
16.01.14 Lyon @ Warm Audio
17.01.14 Dijon w/ Carne @ Deep inside
18.01.14 Montpellier w/ Stuntman @ Black Sheep
19.01.14 Tulle @ Maure ou vif
20.01.14 Bordeaux w/ Past @ L'Héretic

02.01.14 Tours w/ Brutality Will Prevail, Pallas @ Hurricane's Pub
30.04.13 Vannes w/ Authority Zero, Fat'n'mean @ L'éloge de la lenteur
20.04.13 Plouhinec w/ Death engine, Dust @ K-fé de la barre
13.04.13 Rennes w/ Stinky Bollocks, New Fury @ Gazoline

UK Tour w/ Svalbard
15.03.13 Salisbury @ Music Box
16.03.13 Leeds @ Royal Park Cellars
17.03.13 Cardiff @ The Full Moon
18.03.13 Portsmouth @ Edge of the Wedge
19.03.13 London @ The Blue Old Last
20.03.13 Worcester @ The Firefly
21.03.13 Bristol @ The Stag and Hounds

08.03.13 Les Hivernautes w/ Dope D.O.D. Loudblast and more
23.01.13 Angers w/ Zapruder, Lapse of Time, Homesick @ Café Latin
25.01.13 Vannes w/ Cult of Luna, Abraham @ L'echonova
19.01.13 Rennes w/ Birds in Row, Tottoro, Pneu @ Le Jardin Moderne
30.11.12 Saint Renan w/ A  Thousand Words @ L'Odysée 
01.12.12 Limoges w/ Korben Dallas @ Le Zic zinc
03.11.12 Brest w/ Brixton Cats, Night Stalkers @ Brest la Rouge 
27.10.12 Lorient w/ ThroughMyEyes, Sparkrow, D. Engine @ Le Galion
29.09.12 Nantes w/ All For Nothing, Crackdown + Guests @ Le Floride
13.10.12 Laval w/ Sport, Discorde @ L'antr2
18.08.12 Motocultor Festival w/ Municipal Waste, Immortal and more
10.08.12 Festival interceltique w/ Sparkrow @ Le Galion
04.08.12 Festival interceltique w/ Sparkrow @ Pub Gabriel
01.07.12 The Beach Girls and the C’heñlc’h Monster @ Nevez
16.05.12 Rennes w/ Birds in Row, Calvaiire @ La Paillote
17.05.12 Le Mans w/ Burning Bright, IAAC, NDSVR @ Le Lezard
18.05.12 Laval w/ Wake the Dead, WAITC, Discorde @ Le Queen's bar
19.05.12 Tours w/ The New Fury @ Le Canadien Cafe
25.05.12 Hennebont w/ Lasting Values @ Le Kreisker
26.05.12 Boulogne sur Mer w/ Confusion @ Barock l'Horloge
05.04.12 Vannes w/ Sons of O'Flaherty @ Le Servan's
13.03.12 Nantes w/ Bane, Cruel Hand, Rotting Out @ Le Férailleur
10.03.12 Lorient w/ Nine Eleven, I am a Curse @ Le Galion
09.03.12 Brest w/ Nine Eleven, I am a Curse @ Espace Leo Ferré
16.12.11 La Copechagnière w/ Wank for Peace @ Bar La Chope
17.12.11 Nantes w/ Raindance + No Solution @ Le Live Bar
18.12.11 Tours w/ I Am a Curse, Wank for Peace @ Hurricanes Pub
19.12.11 Lorient w/ Police Truck, The Night Stalkers @ Le Galion
27.11.11 Angers w/ Fights and Fires + No Opinion @ Le Café Latin
26.11.11 Vannes w/ Police Truck @ Le Servan's
19.11.11 Brest w/ Myciaa @ Espace Leo Ferré
15.10.11 Lorient w/ Alea Jacta Est, Lasting Values @ Le Galion


released October 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Direwolves France

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Track Name: Growing Defeat
I can read you like a book that I wrote by myself
It tells your whole story within a global decay

Now that I'm up in here,
Everything under control, killing all joy,
Growing defeat, killing your dreams, contemplating
A real demise of the effort that you've ever made,

Of the brightest little glow of will,

Feeling strength leaving your so clever ideas,

No place at the moment for good wishes, no place for no love,

A place for lust in this carcass,
A place for apathy,
A place for weakness,

From which I'll draw my force.

No place for no love
Track Name: Reach this hand
- Is it hope I'm feeling again ?
Something I'm drawing back from memories of a time that feels so distant,
Just like I'm stepping back but it's not like a light I see,
It's like I'm recovering strength,
It's like I can fight the disease, not like a chance, but rather a possibility .
Like a soul that bears no name, like my head out of the water,
Just on the verge of sinking again,

Like a rope thrown down the well above my head
But I can't grab it and now I have to extend my arm,
Reach this hand I've known for long.

- I won't let you sing along, I'll let you sink
Track Name: Diving and struggling
Hey ! What did you expect ?
I'm coming down
Down to chase you out
Wearing an iron shirt
I'm diving here for victory,
Ready to die for it, ready to go mad.

And I cant let you in, no deal can be made,
I'm not stronger than you,

But with a little help,
I'm gonna kick you out.

Now I'm down in here
Everything under control
Killing defeat
Re-birth of joy

Within my dreams, I will find a way to put an end to suffering.
Track Name: Relief
- Now I feel a familiar warmth running in my veins,
An unconditionnal loving presence, it's not an absconding

- Are you so certain ?

- I've got to push myself upright cause
I've been pulled down too far
And now music is feeding me,
A song of victory,
No place for misery,
Happiness is far now,

It's time for ecstasy

Like an exploding sun,
A complete nirvana,

So high I wanna cry,
I've looked for this freedom,
For so long, a perfect bliss would not describe,
Out of society away from the world.

And I'm finally one,
Alone in my head, I cry, I laugh, I cry

- Me again, don't cry in vain,
Your fight is insane,
You no longer feel humane
Will this feeling remain ?