Aegri Somnia

by Direwolves

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warren barton
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warren barton Awesome album, it's so heavy and punky. Hardcore riffs and pummelling drums makes it a must for anyone's collection. Direwolves never disappoint, superb release. Favorite track: The blindness that keeps you warm.
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DOKTOR_SMITH Good hardcore, sometimes heavy and pushy, and sometimes slows down to the melodicity of post-metal Favorite track: Holy treason.
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h107 An album that just kicks you in the face from start to finish, harsh vocals, beastly guitars and none stop driving drums, just a belter all round!! Favorite track: Holy treason.
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Insights 01:01
See the world as it's for real. See it's fucking naked cold and plain. No truth or beauty and everything Is inner egocentric struggle Against the clarity of the void, Against the « I am left alone » see, the world Is a pictureless mirror. That you thought would reflect Something we all expect
You expected sense, You found a meaningless shape. You expected love You found out that we're all dead. There's nothing here but absence, Nothing but the moment when you realize Feelings all sound fake, The moment you can't feel, Everything has gone, All blinded by our own personal quest. And now that passion fooled you, Nothing remains. Sorrow fools you,nothing remains. Folly fooled you,you bet you could see sense, When there has never ever been.
Holy treason 02:39
You bet you could see sense, When there has never ever been. It gives you the deceiving need, The holy treason, The profound belief That something ever mattered, That somebody ever cared. Watching landscapes Til you realize you just stare at the window screen And you didn't even notice all the dirt on it. You were just staring at a screen, The tainted foolish one, Of your own fooled spirit, Through a filter,a poisonous need, The happy treason,the profound belief That something mattered.
Then what seemed important, What was sheer life to you, You try to hang on to, Your feet on the edges of a plain, Flat and colourless reality. Colours deceived you and only void remains. At first you imagine, That belief is worth fighting for. This is insane, You'll endlessly be lying, To a never dying world, Which sways his arms Desperately searching for a sense With no substance. A world with no substance Which carries a bottomless Bucket in which The cries they shout Will always be unheard, A burden echoed in vain.
Who should I be questionning when There will be no god left ? Where will my thoughts go, if no destination ? If no one to answer ? If nothing to refer to, no poetry no arts No design and no goal ? Shall I always remain quiet Or dumb with my mind running fast ? No catharsis allowed. A thousand horses unchained, locked up in a dull circus. And yet the voice remains It will never be screaming Again, never be yelling again. Always remain. An insidious whisper that's filling up the vase with constant certainty. And yet the voice remains, Whispering there's no hope, Whispering there's no love, Whispering there's no joy, Whispering : « kill em all ! »
In cold reality, Where all seems replaced By an endless expectation, Even the voice sounds blank, Even the questions are factitious. Which one would you prefer : Living useless pale and duh, Or making an obscene choice, A choice that dont matter, With no stakes anyway ? This is the liars choice, The coward destiny. Selfishness wakes you at night When nightmares tell no lies, When you're too tired to ignore, That your decay is coming soon,
And I'll be there When you open your eyes, Onto the lies you spread before, And you'll be forced to admit, Before your familly and friends, That the love you were feeling for yourself, Has rotted the presents you offered, That the real face you hid so deep, They never had the chance to see.
Light it up 01:59
When will you tell everyone they're wrong ? Like million brainwashed dummies With their arms stretched forward Searching for a light to switch on In a blazing darkness ? Though I see no light, and then I try In vain, my fight known as insane. Convince myself of good, Though I cant feel no warmth Convince myself I can climb Up the well again
The world being swallowed By the lies we all believed, Every second collapses during obvious eternity. I make a choice with no flavour, I put my trust in no saviour, I'll be pretending night and day That I believe in what they see, That they're right when they all fancy. O brothers, Id'like to scream That when all sense is lost, when no answer remains Questions stuck in your throat, One last thing highlights Our lost humanity. - I will keep speaking Until you shut my mouth I will keep asking After the gavel's stroke I don't need listeners, I don't need answers I keep my prayers for me, I keep my conscience clear. And when the world Comes to an end, When there's no one to cheer you up, When the smile that you forgot, Comes to enlight your frozen lips, Then don't be scared
Relieve them from the pain, Soothe anxiety, Fight for the end of pain, Of endless tragedies. Avoid to sink the world In such a suffering, To choke with the routine Of lacking empathy. Serenity for all, Anxiety for me. Plenitude for all, Deep breach inside of me. I'm the one who dig your dirt Rubbing salt in your wounds Cause your smiles will stay fake And your lives will stay shit, Your heads will fall Before your masks So I can finally find some peace A breach I'll cover up with joy, I'll cover up with hope. I'll cover up with love. I'm done with love


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"Formed in 2011 in Lorient, western France, DIREWOLVES rapidly stood out from the pack by combining both the melodic and the heavy aspects of punk hardcore. Their first full-length «Aegri Somnia» not only follows the path of their EP «Me From Myself, To Banish» (2012) but also enhances the spectrum of their sound, browsing through a large range of sub-genres while avoiding their respective clichés. Songs such as "Holy Treason" or "Face The Facts" show the band at their most vehement, colliding unstoppable drumming with heavily metallic-influenced riffs while the end of the record explores more emotionally-charged post-metallic soundscapes. With their constant will to remain straightforward but diversified DIREWOLVES deliver eleven highly epic and passionate anthems, condensing everything you could expect from a great hardcore LP in 2014."


released March 31, 2014

— Drums recorded by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle
— Guitars and vocals recorded Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studios
— Mixed by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studios
— Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East
— Additional vocals on "Keep It Clear" and "Endless Tragedies" by Quentin Sauvé
— Artwork by Førtifem


all rights reserved



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